A year ago, we gathered together on a very cold winter day and began the process of writing our own songs. We did not really know what the songs would eventually sound like, but we knew for sure that the music would be born of deep rooted emotions stemming from the state of our world and our lives within it. To say that life is a journey would be too cliche'and simple. Life's journey can take you down some very rough roads, and it seems that as human beings, we rarely find a simple path home.  

First of all and foremost, we thank God for giving us strength and determination, and the ability to do what we do. 

We are DEEPLY grateful and feel so much love and support from our family and friends that have supported us and been with us every step of the way. Ginger, Melony + Palmer, Greg + Z + H, Brenda + the girls, Alice + Joseph, You guys have trekked all over the friggin' place with us on this journey and we love you! We would also like to thank all of our countless friends and family that have cheered us on and been there for us. 

"Jon's thank you's"  I would like to thank God for the music, the ability to play, create, and sing.  Huge thanks and love to my wife, Brenda & my kids, Peyton & Rory for their encouragement and support of my music hobby. Big thanks to Jeff “Brother” Brown for his vision, his friendship, and believing in me.  Big thanks to Mike for is unconditional friendship!  Big thanks to Kimberly for her amazing attitude, creative brain, vocal coaching and friendship.  Big thanks to Jess “The Bat” Baker for his inspiring youthful musical spirit…I call him “The Bat,” which stands for “Bad Ass Trumpeter!” And a big thank you to everyone who has come to see us during our first year of existence! 

Creative contributions: 

Tiffany Mannings (background vocals) You came over on that Sunday afternoon and simply laid down some of the sweetest gospel sounds our ear have ever heard! From the bottom of our hearts...thank you!!!  

Emily Poolos (background vocals) There was a moment of awakening where we knew we needed some Emily in that song. You so graciously dropped everything and stayed up late at night singing with us. E, we love you!!! 

Melony Brown (graphic design) We cannot tell you how much love we have here...right? xxooxxoo!! melonybrown.com  (Atlanta, GA) 

Nicole Eliason (photography/editing)  Many times..lets do it that many more!  nicole-eliason.smugmug.com  (Atlanta, GA)  

Justin Perkins (mastering) mysteryroommastering.com  (Milwaukee, WI) 

Sooper Dooper (pressing) sooperdooper.net  (Madison, WI) 

Harry Fox (publishing/licensing)  harryfox.com  (New York, NY) 



Leaving Town (3:53) 

Long Gone (4:14) 

Lil’ Ole Me (3:20) 

Sunshine in my Belly (2:55)  

Mercedes Man (4:33) 

Love One Another (4:16) 

Treat Me So Bad (3:03) 


All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction strickly prohibited. Made in Atlanta, GA USA, @FICTIONHOUSE.2017.All songs written and performed by Brother Brown & the Soul Reunion.